Eyebrow Tips And Tricks.

Need help with those stubborn eyebrows? Here are my favourite tips and tricks for grooming, styling and growing out eyebrows.


Filling in your eyebrows before you pluck is a great way to avoid over plucking your brows.

Try to maintain as much thickness in your brows as possible as full brows are definitely in (hello basically every celebrity right now).

Try to get brows groomed by a professional at least a few times a year so the basic shape can be created and you can tidy them up from there.

Before you start plucking, keep in mind that the front part of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose. Holding a pencil up against the bridge of the nose will assist in finding this. The arch should align with the outer rim of your iris (the rim furthest away from your nose). Tilting a pencil from your nostril to the outer corner of the eye and beyond will help you find where the eyebrow should end. Here are some photos I took to demonstrate this:




Groom eyebrows like a pro and get a higher arch by brushing brows and trimming the top inner part of the eyebrow before the peak of the arch using nail scissors. Make sure you only take off little snips at a time as you want to avoid taking off too much.

There is a general rule that brows one to two shades darker than your hair colour are best and these give the illusion of fullness and a more defined shape, so tinting eyebrows is a good option if you feel they are too light.

No-one’s brows are completely symmetrical but to help them look more even try to make sure the top of the arch is in the same spot in each brow.

I’ve bought a lot of tweezers in the past only to have them work really badly but I find that the gold tipped ones with straight edges always work best; they seem to be able to grip coarse hair far better. I don’t know why the gold tip makes a difference it just does.


Using eyebrow shadows are a good idea if you find that eyebrow pencils are too difficult. They are very easy to blend and the result is usually very natural regardless of how little practice you have had. A taupe shade is universally flattering for most people and you can even buy eyebrow stencils to assist you further if you want a specific shape.

Apply a very light luminescent eye shadow just below the brow to give them more lift and defintion.

Brush brows with an old mascara wand or toothbrush.

Taming eyebrows with a clear gel is a good idea if you have particularly wild eyebrows. You can buy specific ones or alternatively use anything from Vaseline, lip gloss, clear mascara and hairspray.

If you are using an eyebrow pencil, don’t draw brows on but instead do simple flicks of the pencil in the sparse regions.

Holding a pencil against the front of the brow and the inner arch will help you to find where to fill eyebrows in best as the bottom part of the inner brow is usually the most important area to fill. Here is a photo demonstrating how you can find that region (my brows are already filled in):


Growing brows out

If you are growing out uneven brows use concealer to fill in stray hairs or fill in large patches of uneven growth using a brow pencil or shadow. There are also many growth serums available which will assist in growing brows out.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Face Of Australia High Definition Brow Kit Review.

Hi guys!

As you have probably guessed this is my first post which I’m really excited about. For my first post I am going to review the Face of Australia HD Brow Kit, here’s what it looks like:


I have always struggled to find a shade thats just right for my eyebrows as I don’t like eyebrows that are too dark as it clashes with my light skin. I have to say that the lightest colour in the pack is a winner for me! It also comes with tweezers, a brush, a darker colour and brow wax which keeps the eyebrows in place and also creates a darker more refined look. Personally I don’t like the wax but other people out there might enjoy it. The brush is ok and I find the tweezers difficult to use but thats ok as I didn’t buy it for the tweezers anyway. For just under $10 from priceline its worth it if your looking for a light colour without the orange tinge that are in alot of lighter eyebrow products. The darker colour is also really good as I looked up before and afters online of people using the darker shade and it looks good. I have attached some before and after shots below for you guys to look at!


before any makeup



After side on:


Rating: 9/10