My Hair Care

Hello. 🙂

So today I am going to talk about hair care which is not often something I blog about. Lately I have been very into hair products as I have been trying to make it grow so have recently invested in a lot of new hair care haha.

Haircare group shot 4

Mastey Traite Shampoo

So this isn’t a brand I have heard about before but I really needed something for dandruff with colour locking properties so was recommended this buy a hair dresser haha. I’ve recently been getting quite a dry scalp so was willing to spend over $10 (AUD) and this wasn’t too expensive at $18. This definitely helps with and leaves hair nourished and clean without feeling oily. I noticed a difference in my colour vibrancy after using it and the bottle lasts quite a long time even though it looks relatively small. It is sulfate free, colour safe, keratin safe and vegan. This is just the right product for me and I will continue buying this.

Haircare traite shampoo 2

Rating: 9/10

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 conditioner

This can be used as a normal conditioner and treatment which is great. My hair definitely felt much smoother and was super easy to detangle when I combed it through. It restores coloured hair and protects from UV fade and also smells deliciously like berries. It’s ingredients include baobab protein and gingko biloba. I think this conditioner is great for people with normal hair but I would suggest something more moisturising if you have very dry hair. The Instant Allevi8 conditioner for dry hair out of the De Lorenzo range is great for this and I have also used it.

Haircare de lorenzo conditioner

Rating: 8/10

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends Treatment

This smells very similar to the conditioner counterpart described above and feels quite a luxury to put on. This product strengthens and protects mid lengths and ends and I definitely feel  my hair bounces back better from heat better with using it. This has organic bilberry and black berry in it and smells amaaazing. The instructions say to apply a small pea amount to the palms and distribute evenly throughout the ends but I usually like to apply more. This seals, smooths and protects stressed out ends and is every hair straightener/ dryer users best friend. You will love putting this on and hair feels instantly healthier after using it. 🙂 The packaging is now white and purple as I got this a while ago. At around $15-$20 (AUD) from different stores it is definitely worth the price as it will help with the general healthiness of your hair and as you only need a small amount it lasts ages.

Haircare de lorenzo ends treatment 2

Rating: 9/10

De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant

This product is great for damaged, dry hair and you will instantly notice the difference in your hairs manageability after you have sprayed this through. This provides surface conditioning, internal restructuring, treats the hair’s cuticle layer and reinforces internal protein structure. It suits all hair types as it states that hair absorbs the active care ingredients in proportion to its needs. It contains a Botanically based ‘protein comples’ and smells very fresh as you spritz it onto your hair. I really like this but if I had to choose between this and the Rejuven8 ends treatment I would choose the ends treatment as I feel like it is more of a must have.

Haircare instant restructurant 3

Rating: 8.5/10

Moroccan Oil

And last but certainly not least is Morrocan Oil. This highly publicized hair treatment definitely deserves its great reputation as it is a wonder treatment which literally brings life back into your hair. I got these samples at a hair expo ages ago and even though I use them all the time they have lasted absolutely for ever. You only need the tiniest amount to apply onto the ends of your hair and you will feel your hair bounce back to life. I got a normal sample and one for light hair but I didn’t really notice the difference of either both when I had brown and blond hair, so I think either is fine to use on any type of hair. I also owned these back when I was using very cheap probably not so great for my hair shampoo and conditioner and it literally made my hair feel so much healthier even one use! I would highly recommend this to anyone with dry, stressed out, colour/ heat treated hair. I would also recommend this to anyone with already has amazing hair to make their hair that one bit better. 🙂

Haircare moroccan oil 2

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Megan. X