Current Hair Obsession: Pigtail Braids

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Just thought I’d share some photos of my current hair obsession which is pigtail braids. Though I can’t do the french braid type which are my absolute favourite I love them so much right now and think they are such a cute way to dress up any look. It doesn’t matter what age you are pigtail braids are in and if you’re lucky enough to have a knack with french braids then they’re definitely definitely the way to go. Here is some hair inspo of pigtail braids people are rocking right now.

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My Hair Care

Hello. 🙂

So today I am going to talk about hair care which is not often something I blog about. Lately I have been very into hair products as I have been trying to make it grow so have recently invested in a lot of new hair care haha.

Haircare group shot 4

Mastey Traite Shampoo

So this isn’t a brand I have heard about before but I really needed something for dandruff with colour locking properties so was recommended this buy a hair dresser haha. I’ve recently been getting quite a dry scalp so was willing to spend over $10 (AUD) and this wasn’t too expensive at $18. This definitely helps with and leaves hair nourished and clean without feeling oily. I noticed a difference in my colour vibrancy after using it and the bottle lasts quite a long time even though it looks relatively small. It is sulfate free, colour safe, keratin safe and vegan. This is just the right product for me and I will continue buying this.

Haircare traite shampoo 2

Rating: 9/10

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 conditioner

This can be used as a normal conditioner and treatment which is great. My hair definitely felt much smoother and was super easy to detangle when I combed it through. It restores coloured hair and protects from UV fade and also smells deliciously like berries. It’s ingredients include baobab protein and gingko biloba. I think this conditioner is great for people with normal hair but I would suggest something more moisturising if you have very dry hair. The Instant Allevi8 conditioner for dry hair out of the De Lorenzo range is great for this and I have also used it.

Haircare de lorenzo conditioner

Rating: 8/10

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends Treatment

This smells very similar to the conditioner counterpart described above and feels quite a luxury to put on. This product strengthens and protects mid lengths and ends and I definitely feel  my hair bounces back better from heat better with using it. This has organic bilberry and black berry in it and smells amaaazing. The instructions say to apply a small pea amount to the palms and distribute evenly throughout the ends but I usually like to apply more. This seals, smooths and protects stressed out ends and is every hair straightener/ dryer users best friend. You will love putting this on and hair feels instantly healthier after using it. 🙂 The packaging is now white and purple as I got this a while ago. At around $15-$20 (AUD) from different stores it is definitely worth the price as it will help with the general healthiness of your hair and as you only need a small amount it lasts ages.

Haircare de lorenzo ends treatment 2

Rating: 9/10

De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant

This product is great for damaged, dry hair and you will instantly notice the difference in your hairs manageability after you have sprayed this through. This provides surface conditioning, internal restructuring, treats the hair’s cuticle layer and reinforces internal protein structure. It suits all hair types as it states that hair absorbs the active care ingredients in proportion to its needs. It contains a Botanically based ‘protein comples’ and smells very fresh as you spritz it onto your hair. I really like this but if I had to choose between this and the Rejuven8 ends treatment I would choose the ends treatment as I feel like it is more of a must have.

Haircare instant restructurant 3

Rating: 8.5/10

Moroccan Oil

And last but certainly not least is Morrocan Oil. This highly publicized hair treatment definitely deserves its great reputation as it is a wonder treatment which literally brings life back into your hair. I got these samples at a hair expo ages ago and even though I use them all the time they have lasted absolutely for ever. You only need the tiniest amount to apply onto the ends of your hair and you will feel your hair bounce back to life. I got a normal sample and one for light hair but I didn’t really notice the difference of either both when I had brown and blond hair, so I think either is fine to use on any type of hair. I also owned these back when I was using very cheap probably not so great for my hair shampoo and conditioner and it literally made my hair feel so much healthier even one use! I would highly recommend this to anyone with dry, stressed out, colour/ heat treated hair. I would also recommend this to anyone with already has amazing hair to make their hair that one bit better. 🙂

Haircare moroccan oil 2

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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My 3 Favourite Up Do’s And How To Do Them.

Hi Guys.

I thought I would show you my 3 favourite up do hairstyles right now and how to do them. I would say they are all relatively easy but do require some practice. These are styles I always turn to when I am going clubbing, have a special occasion and  normally so they are great styles to learn as you can use them alot.

The Sleek pony.


Ahh how amazing does a sleek pony look? So polished and feminine and a really refreshing way to wear your hair when you are stuck for ideas. I really like this look teamed some simple, small earrings such as the ones Kim is wearing in this photo as they look really glamorous. This style works best if you have long hair or extensions and is quite easy.

1. Brush your hair back making sure there are no bumps, tying it up high on the head.

2. Spray hairspray onto the hair on the head (not the ponytail) to keep it in place and give it that sleek look. Don’t use too much hairspray as you don’t want to make the hair look oily, focusing mostly on the flyaways.

3. Finally wrap a small section of hair around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair elastic.

If you have clip in hair extensions this can look really beautiful. Carli Bybel did a great video a while ago of how to do this and I have been wanting clip ins for so long so I can try this.

 The sleek bun.


So I guess you can tell I really like sleek hairstyles? The sleek bun is great because It actually works on most hair lengths which go past the shoulders and is a really effective way to look lovely in no time. It is suitable for anything from work to the club. It also seems to work better with oily hair as the oil in the hair helps it look sleeker and stay. There are many variaions of it and some people like to wrap braids or bows around them but they look just as good on their own.

1. Brush back your hair, ensuring their are no bumps. This may take many brushes but does not take too long. Secure it on top of the head with an elastic.

2. Lightly brush back any flyaways, pinning them back with bobby pins if necessary and spraying hair on the head with hairspray.

3. You can use a bun maker (these are really cheap from most pharmacies) or even a sock with the end cut off it wrapped up into a coil (this hairstyle is often called the sock bunbecause of this). Start by rolling the end of your ponytail like so underneath the bun maker and keep rolling  it through till you get to the base of the head.


4. Secure the bun with poppy pins by simply sticking them into the bun.

5. Lightly spray the entire hair with hair spray and you are all done.

The Loose Side Pony


This look is so feminine, pretty and reminds me of spring. I find this look hairstyle works best with freshly washed hair as any sort of oil will show up in the roots which is more noticeable when the part is showing. This look is particularly flattering if you have wavy or slightly curly hair as it really goes with that whole fresh, carefree, spring vibe. You can also add some loose curls with a curler or straightner if you do have straight hair before starting this hair style to get the same look but it still looks good with straight hair too.

1. Brush hair and secure it at the side of the head with an elastic. If you have a side fringe secure it on the side where it is as this will compliment the side pony. Leave a few small sections out at the front to give it that loose look.

2. Lightly secure these sections onto the head with a bobby pin, making sure they are not pulled backed too tightly or you can choose to curl them. Alternatively you can simply leave them as they are out.

3. Wrap a peice of hair that is already in the pony around the hair elastic so it is not visible and secure it with a bobby pin and the look is complete.

So yeah these are my 3 favourite up do’s right now! As you can see with all of them I like to wrap a bit of hair around thehair tie so it can not be seen as I think it looks neater and is an easy way look polished.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



General Beauty Advice, Hair

How To Do Swan Lake Inspired Hair And Makeup.

Hi guys. Today I decided to do a swan lake inspired hair and makeup look because I think the ballet is really elegant and timeless. I have always admired the work that goes in to creating the hair and makeup for the ballet. Here’s what it looks like:

1. Start by filling in brows by using small flicks of an eyebrow pencil in sparse regions of the brow or alternatively use an eyebrow shadow. Add some eye primer or eye concealer on the eye lid and below the brow so the eye shadow you are going to be using has something to stick to.
2. Apply a light pink eye shadow just below the brow and a dark purple eye shadow on the outer lid and middle and outer crease. 2nd step
3. Next put a pale purple shadow on the inner and middle lid and some black eye shadow on the outer crease and outer lid.
with black eye shadow
4. Line your top lids and create a wing by angling it towards the brow. The wing should be reasonably thick. You can do this by drawing to lines to create a triangle then filling it in.
5. Line your water line with nude or white eyeliner. Add some mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
Eye liner and mascara on.
6. To Create a more dramatic look you can add false eye lashes or you can just leave the eyes as is. You can also add white eyeshdaow on the inner part of the eye next to the nose.
Final step for eyes
7. Apply primer then foundation onto your face. Add some illuminator on the bridge of the nose, the tops of the cheek bone, around the eye and beneath the brow bone where the pink shadow is.
8. Brush some blush onto the apples of your cheek by smiling and putting it on the puffy parts of the cheeks. It would be best to use pink blush rather than a peach blush as pink is more reflective of the ballet.
9. Line the perimeter of lips with a pink lip liner. If you do not have this you can use nude lip liner instead as it will works almost as well. You can also put some white eye shadow or eye liner on the cupids bow to make lips look bigger and a thin line of light brown shadow just beneath the middle part of the bottom lip to create more of a shadow below the lip which will make them look bigger again.
10. Add some light pink lip stick or mix nude and pink lipstick together if you have none. Add a dab of lip gloss and your makeup is complete!
1. Brush hair back and secure it in a tight pony tail. Spray it with hairspray if needed and pin back any stray hairs.
2. Use a bun maker and start by rolling the end of the ponytail underneath, working through the entire ponytail until you get to the base of the head where you should secure it with bobby pins.

3. Wrap some pretty flowers either around the bun or stick them in the bun, using bobby pins to secure them if necessary. You could also use pretty white feathers or a bow.


What I used: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Loose Foundation, Revlon Beyond Natural Highlighter, Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable, Manicare Blush Brush, Designer Brands Eye Shadow Brush, Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liner, Models Prefer Magic Multi Purpose Pencil, Napoleon Perdis Pink Slip Lip Liner, Face of Australia Lip Quench Lipstick in Iced Almond, Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Candy, Face of Australia High Defintion Brow Kit, Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara, Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad in Swan Lake, Scunci Bun Maker, Red Cherry False Eye Lashes in DW.




10 Reasons Why I Think Hair Buns Are Underrated.

When we think of beautiful hair the image that usually comes to mind is hair which is left out and flowing. But lately I have come to see the advantages of wearing buns and believe they are underrated. Here are just some of the reasons why I think buns are great.

1. They look sophisticated. No hair style says sophistication more than a sleek bun. Just look at the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who looks both demure and glamorous. It is an image which has stuck in people’s heads for generations and she radiates refinement and class.

2. They are a good option when hair is oily. We all hate oily hair right? Luckily buns actually work better with oily hair as the oil gives the bun more grip, helping it stay in place. While oiliness may look unkempt and dirty in hair which is left out, with buns it gives hair more sheen and increases sleekness.

3. They are great for work. Nothing says “I’ve got work to do” than a tight bun right? While a ponytail can risk falling out during the day, buns are more secure and stay in place. The amount of tightness with which you create the bun means you can vary how professional and polished you want to look.

4. They do not get in the way. While leaving your hair out can look beautiful you have to admit it can sometimes get pretty annoying. Whether you are bending down or turning your head hair can always get in the way. With buns you almost forget you have hair and are left to get on with all the important things you have to do.

5. They are easy to create. Once you learn how to do a bun you know it forever and it takes very little practice. Whether it is the classic sock bun which takes next to no time to do or a feminine, loose bun. There are buns to suit any skill level and which take very little time to accomplish.

6. There are buns to suit every occasion. We’ve already been over how they are good for the office but while most girls opt to leave their hair out for special occasions buns can also look pretty and unique. They also look just right for casual sitations as they are not too dramatic. Their versatility means you can look polished and ready for virtually any sitation.

7. They are a safe choice if you are unsure of the occasion. You know when you are about to go out and aren’t sure if everyone will be dressed up or casual and you have that dilemma of “oh god what if I dress up and everyone’s made like no effort and I seem like a try hard?”. Well buns are your new best friend for times like these and are a safe choice for any occasion. While they look pretty they won’t seem overstated which brings me to my next point.

8. They are understated. There is nothing more understated than a sleek low bun. They do not take too long to create and add that touch of femininity you are after for a low key situation.

9. There are buns to suit everyone. Provided you have long enough hair of course. The good thing about buns is there are so many variations of them. There are tight high up buns, loose buns, side buns, messy buns, wavy buns and more. So even if you want some to hair frame your face or are after a big statement bun there is one for each individual preference.

10. You look like a ballerina. This is probably the point which is irrelevant to most but which is my favourite. I am really into ballerina inspired hair and makeup right now and I think buns personify this look. There isn’t anything more graceful and old school than the ballet and that’s why I love buns.

So next time you’re standing in front of the mirror struggling to think of how you should do your hair maybe you should turn to the trusty, reliable bun for help.

BIG photo

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s



General Beauty Advice

20 Of My Favourite Beauty Tips And Tricks.

Here are my favourite beauty tips and tricks that actually work.

1. Brush brows with an old toothbrush or mascara wand to make them look neater.

2. Use Vaseline to make brows stay in place. You can also spray hairspray onto an old mascara wand or toothbrush to help them stay too.

3. Place sticky tape starting at the outer side of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow to catch excess eye shadow for a more precise, cleaner look. The sticky tape can also be used as a guide for applying winged eye liner.

4. Make a sugar scrub for your lips mixing honey and sugar together. This will exfoliate lips, leaving them nice and smooth.

5. Apply illuminator above your cheekbones, just beneath your brows, on the bridge of your nose and above your top lip for a dewy glow.

6. Wet the tip of your eye shadow brush before using eye shadow to give it a nice sheen and make it more vibrant.

7. Make your eyes look bigger by applying a light shade of eye shadow on the middle and inner part of your eye lid and a darker shade on the outer corner and crease.

8. Having trouble applying brow liner? Use a light brown eye shadow with an eye shadow brush to fill in eye brows. You can also get buy eye brow stencils for more control.

9. Use concealer on your eyelids before applying eye shadow as it will give the eye shadow something to stick to and make it last longer.

10. Camouflage roots by creating a zig zag in your part rather than a straight line.

11. Only use the side of a brow pencil when filling in brows as using the tip can create too much of a harsh line.

12. Avoid lipstick from ending up on your teeth by smiling and placing your finger in between your lips after applying. This will take off the lipstick that otherwise would of ended up on your teeth next time you smiled.

13. Always use bronzer beneath the cheekbone and blush on the apples of your cheeks. Sucking in your cheeks will create a guideline of where to  apply bronzer and smiling and applying blush on the puffy parts of your cheek will help you find where to apply the blush.

14. Use a nude or white eyeliner on your waterline to make eyes appear larger and more open.

15. Clean makeup brushes with shampoo and conditioner as you would your own hair to avoid them building up bacteria.

16. Don’t have the exact match of lip liner to the lip stick you want to wear? A nude lip liner will have a similar effect to using the exact colour and will help your lipstick set exactly where it should.

17. Out of makeup remover? Use moisturiser instead of makeup remover. This is especially good at getting rid of stubborn mascara that just won’t come off.

18. When playing up your lips keep your eye makeup minimal and vice versa. It’s best to choose one feature and go big to keep the look balanced.

19. Help perfume last longer by dabbing moisturiser onto the place where you intend to spray the perfume before spraying. (Perfume evaporates faster from dry skin.)

20. Brush talcum powder though hair to reduce oil, it works much like dry shampoo.


Thanks for reading.