New Lip Liner/ Lipstick Reviews

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Here are reviews of my latest lipstick/ lip liner purchases. 🙂

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place lip pencil in Mauve

This lip liner is great because it is striking without being overpowering, it is eye catching while also being light enough to go with many makeup looks. I am in love with mauves and and they have definitely made a comeback in recent times through the likes of Kylie Jenner and co. It lasts ages on your lips (4-5 hours) and also is not drying at all. The lip pencil is longer and cheaper than the Mac pro long wear lip liners so you get more value for money. It has a lip brush on the end which is great when you want to do creative lip looks such as the ombre lip liner effect as you can apply your lipstick to very specific areas. I am in love with this colour and the quality of this lip liner is superb. They also have many other really beautiful colours in the range and I want to buy more!

Mauve Estee Lauder

Rating: 9.5/10

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

This lipstick is described as a “neutral pinkish rose with a matte finish” and is the perfect colour for a sunny spring day. It is so feminine and is great if you need something that will brighten up your lips just a little bit if you’re doing a bold eye makeup look. To me it is like a peachy nude, lasts fairly long on the lips (3-4 hours) and is not drying at all even though it is matte. It feels actually quite creamy to put on. I love this colour and can’t get over how much of a perfect pink nude this is.

kinda sexy lipstick 2

Rating: 9/10

MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner

The Boldly Bare Lip Liner goes perfectly with the Kinda Sexy Lipstick and is basically the same colour in lip liner form which is why I got it. I also love wearing it on its own as on as it truly is a beautiful colour. It is a great colour to brighten up any makeup look and is like your lips but better. This lip liner would suit so many people and is really wearable. This would be a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like dark lipsticks and is maybe on the hunt for their first lip liner as it is so natural looking it won’t matter so much if you stuff up when putting it on. Another plus is it also goes with a lot of different colour lipsticks so it’s great to have that felxibilty  I could see it going with many light pink and nude colours. My only fault with this is it doesn’t last as long as other MAC lip liners I own (though it still lasts a pretty long time) but it isn’t a prolong wear one so this is to be expected.

Boldly bare lip liner 3

Rating: 9/10 

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

This lipstick is my favourite lipstick of all because the colours just seems to go with every makeup look I do. It is the most perfect nude and lasts ages on the lips (4-5 hours) I love how it is browny beige with a hint of rose. It makes your lips look so healthy and full! It has the most perfect finish and consistency, even though it is matte it looks glides on so nicely and feels quite creamy. Velevt Teddy is subtle with a hint of sexy and you will find yourself reaching for it all the time. I’d definitely recommend this as a colour to look out for if you really, really want a nice nude. You will not regret it.

Velvet teddy lipstick 2

Rating: 10/10

MAC Angel Lipstick

This lipstick is part of the forst range and is a beautiful, cool, baby pink. I find this colour so versatile, it goes with so many makeup looks. Though I usually lean towards MAC’s matte range I dont find this colour noticeably frosty, more just slightly pearlescent. It is vanilla scented and is probably one of the most moisturising MAC lipsticks I own. If you’re looking for something really versaitle but don’t want a nude colour then look no further! This is my second favourite lipstick I own apart from Velvet Teddy.

Angel lipstick 3

Rating: 10/10

MAC Posy Perfect Lip Liner

This Lip Liner is a beautiful, soft baby pink which I bought to go with my MAC Angel Lipstick. This is part of the pro long wear range and though I love the colour as it is really flattering, I find that it is very prone to breakage and its application is quite uneven and slightly chalky. It lasts a standard amount of time (a few hours) but as it is up there in price I expected it to apply more evenly and not break down as easily. Overall I still like using it, though it is not perfect as its name indicates haha.  It is described as “plum” but I would describe it as baby pink with a hint of mauve.

posy perfect lip liner 3

Rating: 7/10

MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner

This lip liner is very dark and bold so not for the faint hearted out there. It is a dark burgundy wine colour which is perfect for creating ombre lip looks. It can look quite goth when used on the entire lip so I tend to only use it for ombre looks and when experimenting with other colours. It is very vampy, long wearing and can be a bit drying if you use it on your entire lip.

Nightmoth lip liner 3

Rating: 8/10

Antipodes Boom Rock Bronze Lipstick

This is a really nice original colour and is like a reddy, brown which is unlike anything I own. It’s quite  90’s and very flattering. It is an understated bold and kind of reminds me of Ayers rock in Australia and wild coastal terrain. It makes lips look full and healthy and is a treat to put on. It is moisturizing with nutrient rich avocado oil in it but still quite matte looking with a hint of shine. It lasts quite long especially with lip liner put underneath. It’s enjoy wearing this on nights out to put an interesting twist on makeup looks. This is 100% organic.

Antipodes boom rock bronze 1

Rating: 8.5/ 10

Antipodes Dusky Sound Pink Lipstick

This lipsticks is like a classic, rosy pink that would suit people who like noticeable colours different to their normal lip colour which aren’t out there. This also has avocado oil in it, is 100% organic and is a treat to put on. This colour is neither bright nor light and is a medium, rosy pink. It glides on smoothly and has even application. I don’t really find myself reaching for it that much as I tend to go for nudes and light pinks more but it is a great day time lipstick as it isn’t drying at all and you don’t need to put a lip balm underneath it.

Antipodes dusky sound pink 1

Rating: 7.5/10

Lip Liner Swatches

swatches lip linerss

From Left: Estee Lauder Double Wear Mauve, Mac Boldly Bare, Mac Posy Perfect, Mac Nightmoth.

swatches lip sticks

From Left: Mac Angel, Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Kinda Sexy, Antipodes Boom Rock Bronze, Antipodes Dusky Sound Pink. 

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My New Lip Products.

Hello. 🙂

I haven’t written a post in a while as I have been really busy but things have finally calmed down and I’ve had the strong urge to write about beauty. It’s been months so I have a lot of new beauty purchases. I thought I’d just do lip products to start off as I’ve been very into these lately and don’t want to cram too much into one post. 🙂

Lip products main image blog

Lime Crime lipstick in Babette- This lipstick is super wearable and very fun. I would describe it as a peach nude unlike other nudes I’ve seen seen. While it maintains its uniqueness which Lime Crime is known for it isn’t too out there so you can where comfortable wear it anywhere. This lipstick is quite long lasting, though it sometimes need reapplying after you eat or drink. It is very opaque and matte but still gives your lips a healthy shine. If worn everyday it could be a bit drying but apart from this I really like it. 8/10


Lime Crime lipstick in Geradium- This lipstick is described by many reviewers as bright pink while still being quite wearable. But being a fan of nudes and more subdued colours there have only been a handful of occasions I have worn it. It is truly a beautiful, vibrant colour and less drying than Babette for some reason. It also lasts longer due to its high pigmentation and lasts me approximately 4 hours even through drinking and eating. It is slightly less drying then Babette. I would suggest this to anyone who likes long lasting, bright colours and who likes to stand out from the crowd. 7.5/10


Lime crime Retrofuturist- Wow. This colour is very bright and definitely not for the faint of heart. It is very pigmented and long wearing. For me it lasts the whole night and then some when I go out. I find it slightly more moisturising than Babette just like Geradium. For me it is close to a true red which leans slightly towards the pink side and I think it would flatter most skin tones. It has this nice sheen to it and makes lips look beautifully plump. I’ve only worn it once but if you are a lover of reds and once again standing out from the crowd I would definitely recommend this. 8/10


Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Etcetera- This is the nude lip liner in the Pro Longwear collection and is described as a creamy beige. It is very long wearing and exceeds any other lip liner I’ve owned in terms of how long it lasts. I do find it to be slightly orange when put with certain lipsticks but with brown nude lipsticks it looks great as this seems to blend in while toning down the orange. It does look a bit too orange with my cream and pink nudes though. On its own it looks really nice. This lasts through eating and drinking and makes any lipstick stay longer and look nicer (provided it’s the right colour) when applied underneath. Definitely a good one for the collection if you’re into brown nudes. 8/10

etcetera liner

Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Staunchly Stylish- Wow. I love this colour. This lip liner ticks all the boxes. It is long lasting, feels comfortable and is the perfect lip liner for many lipstick colours, including pinks, browns, nudes and maroons. I could even see it working for most reds though haven’t tried this yet. I am very glad I bought this and I would definitely recommend this as the best colour to get from the pro long wear range as it is so versatile. You can wear it on its own or all over the lips. I find it’s slightly more shinier and moisturising than the etcetera one as well and it seems to last just as long. The Pro Longwear lip pencils are a bit pricey but for what you’re getting it’s worth it. 9.5/10

Staunchly stylish liner

Mac Lipstick in Brave- I love this colour. I got this lipstick because I was trying to copy the whole Kylie Jenner lip trend which is popular right now (I know it’s been done a million times but I can’t help but love it) and I really like it. It is a mauve colour on the lips though looks more nude pink on the stick. It shows up differently on peoples lips because when I looked it up on google and instagram it was almost brown on some while nearly plum on others. On mine it leans toward the purple, pink side. It compliments the staunchly stylish lip liner well, is long lasting, moisturising and feels comfortable. 8.5/10

Brave lipstick

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Mil-a-no- This feels weird to put on. It is very matte, as it states. But it is so dry it almost peels off if you put too much on so therefore it is not buildable. Also when licking your lips and talking it comes off in patches so looks really unattractive. A light amount on top of lips which are lined all over can look nice but I would of liked to be able to create a more oqaque colour by building it and for it to atleast come off evenly. The colour and smell is nice but that’s about all. I won’t be buying it again. 4/10


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub- Mmm this tastes good you can eat it and guess what you can! Made of only castor sugar, jojoba oil, flavour and colour, the directions say to rub it between your lips and lick it off. There are plenty of home made recipes for lip scrubs however such as honey and sugar. I’m still undecided over whether exfoliating your lips is really a necessity and even works, but it is a nice tasting product nonetheless. 7/10

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm- This smells delicious just like all Lush products. It is very moisturising and is a treat to put on however it is very difficult to open and close. The packaging needs to be fixed, or maybe it’s just mine but I find myself struggling for minutes at a time trying to get the lid off and having to get a knife to pry it open at times. This is kind of annoying when all you want to do is apply lip balm and for this I probably wouldn’t buy it again and will just stick with my paw paw ointment. I also find paw paw to be slightly more moisturising. 6.5/10


Swatches lime crime mac australis

From Left: Lime Crime Babette, Lime Crime Geradium, Lime Crime Retrofuturist, Mac Etcetera Liner, Mac Staunchly Stylish Liner, Australis Velour Lips Mil-a-no.


How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger In 7 Easy Steps.

1. Exfoliate your lips. There are many lip exfoliators and scrubs however if you do not want to spend money you can simply mix sugar and honey together, rub back and forth on your lips for a minute and rinse. By exfoliating the lips you boost circulation which helps to make lips moist and plump.

2. Moisturise with any lip balm or lip gloss. Let this sit for a while so the lips can soak up the moisture.

3. Use a natural coloured lip liner all around and just outside the perimeter of your lips making sure you stick close to the lip line so it is not too noticeable.

4. Brush a very small amount of taupe or light brown eyebrow or eye shadow just below the middle section of your lower lip line. Make sure you brush lightly and try to use a small brush so it is not too noticeable. This will create the illusion of a darker shadow, making your lips look bigger.

5. Put on some nude or light coloured lipstick. Avoid dark colours that will make your lips look smaller (remember how with clothes black is a slimming colour? It is the same with makeup). Nudes and light pinks will make them look naturally bigger. Try to choose a shiny as opposed to a matte lipstick as light will reflect off the lips, giving the illusion of fullness.

6. Apply white eye pencil or white eye shadow and illuminator just above the middle part of your top lip line known as the cupid’s bow and blend lightly. This makes the lips look like they are brought forward, increasing the appearance of fullness.

7. Add a dab of lip gloss on top of your lips and you’re all done.





What I used:Face of Autsralia Mineral Therapy Illuminator, Face of Australia Eyebrow Shadow in the lightest colour, Essence Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Gloss, Face of Australia Lip Quench lipstick in Iced Almond, Savvy Nourishing Lip Liner in Natural, Designer Brands eye shadow brush, Essence Kajal eye pencil in White.

General Beauty Advice

20 Of My Favourite Beauty Tips And Tricks.

Here are my favourite beauty tips and tricks that actually work.

1. Brush brows with an old toothbrush or mascara wand to make them look neater.

2. Use Vaseline to make brows stay in place. You can also spray hairspray onto an old mascara wand or toothbrush to help them stay too.

3. Place sticky tape starting at the outer side of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow to catch excess eye shadow for a more precise, cleaner look. The sticky tape can also be used as a guide for applying winged eye liner.

4. Make a sugar scrub for your lips mixing honey and sugar together. This will exfoliate lips, leaving them nice and smooth.

5. Apply illuminator above your cheekbones, just beneath your brows, on the bridge of your nose and above your top lip for a dewy glow.

6. Wet the tip of your eye shadow brush before using eye shadow to give it a nice sheen and make it more vibrant.

7. Make your eyes look bigger by applying a light shade of eye shadow on the middle and inner part of your eye lid and a darker shade on the outer corner and crease.

8. Having trouble applying brow liner? Use a light brown eye shadow with an eye shadow brush to fill in eye brows. You can also get buy eye brow stencils for more control.

9. Use concealer on your eyelids before applying eye shadow as it will give the eye shadow something to stick to and make it last longer.

10. Camouflage roots by creating a zig zag in your part rather than a straight line.

11. Only use the side of a brow pencil when filling in brows as using the tip can create too much of a harsh line.

12. Avoid lipstick from ending up on your teeth by smiling and placing your finger in between your lips after applying. This will take off the lipstick that otherwise would of ended up on your teeth next time you smiled.

13. Always use bronzer beneath the cheekbone and blush on the apples of your cheeks. Sucking in your cheeks will create a guideline of where to  apply bronzer and smiling and applying blush on the puffy parts of your cheek will help you find where to apply the blush.

14. Use a nude or white eyeliner on your waterline to make eyes appear larger and more open.

15. Clean makeup brushes with shampoo and conditioner as you would your own hair to avoid them building up bacteria.

16. Don’t have the exact match of lip liner to the lip stick you want to wear? A nude lip liner will have a similar effect to using the exact colour and will help your lipstick set exactly where it should.

17. Out of makeup remover? Use moisturiser instead of makeup remover. This is especially good at getting rid of stubborn mascara that just won’t come off.

18. When playing up your lips keep your eye makeup minimal and vice versa. It’s best to choose one feature and go big to keep the look balanced.

19. Help perfume last longer by dabbing moisturiser onto the place where you intend to spray the perfume before spraying. (Perfume evaporates faster from dry skin.)

20. Brush talcum powder though hair to reduce oil, it works much like dry shampoo.


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General Beauty Advice

Top 5 Beauty Products Under $5.

Got some spare change and don’t know what to spend it on? Here are my top 5 beauty products of all time under $5 at Priceline.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser ($3.99)– This moisturiser is great for oily skin and very gentle. It doesn’t irritate the skin like other inexpensive moisturisers and lasts a long time.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow ($4.50)– These colours are amazing and really do glam up any look. They put the smoulder in any smokey eye and they really makes your eyes pop. A good tip is to wet your eye shadow brush before dipping it into the eye shadow to give it more of a sheen.

Essence Strawberry Cheescake Lip Gloss ($1.80)– This lip gloss isn’t too gooey and doesn’t set on top of the lips like other cheap lip glosses. It is very nourishing and I find it similar to Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment except yummier.

Savvy Nourishing Lip Liner in Natural and Brick ($4.99)– Natural and Brick are the only colours I own so I can’t comment on the other colours. Brick goes well with a bombshell red  lipstick and natural is very versatile and goes well with any light pink or nude lipstick. Both are easy to blend.

Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nude Nail Polish in Take it off ($2.97)–  Take it off (colour 226) is my favourite nail polish of all time as it is simply the perfect shade of nude. It looks very classy and there are other shades of nude in the range as well as other colours. It has a beautiful finish and lasts about 4 days.