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Here are reviews of my latest lipstick/ lip liner purchases. 🙂

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place lip pencil in Mauve

This lip liner is great because it is striking without being overpowering, it is eye catching while also being light enough to go with many makeup looks. I am in love with mauves and and they have definitely made a comeback in recent times through the likes of Kylie Jenner and co. It lasts ages on your lips (4-5 hours) and also is not drying at all. The lip pencil is longer and cheaper than the Mac pro long wear lip liners so you get more value for money. It has a lip brush on the end which is great when you want to do creative lip looks such as the ombre lip liner effect as you can apply your lipstick to very specific areas. I am in love with this colour and the quality of this lip liner is superb. They also have many other really beautiful colours in the range and I want to buy more!

Mauve Estee Lauder

Rating: 9.5/10

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

This lipstick is described as a “neutral pinkish rose with a matte finish” and is the perfect colour for a sunny spring day. It is so feminine and is great if you need something that will brighten up your lips just a little bit if you’re doing a bold eye makeup look. To me it is like a peachy nude, lasts fairly long on the lips (3-4 hours) and is not drying at all even though it is matte. It feels actually quite creamy to put on. I love this colour and can’t get over how much of a perfect pink nude this is.

kinda sexy lipstick 2

Rating: 9/10

MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner

The Boldly Bare Lip Liner goes perfectly with the Kinda Sexy Lipstick and is basically the same colour in lip liner form which is why I got it. I also love wearing it on its own as on as it truly is a beautiful colour. It is a great colour to brighten up any makeup look and is like your lips but better. This lip liner would suit so many people and is really wearable. This would be a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like dark lipsticks and is maybe on the hunt for their first lip liner as it is so natural looking it won’t matter so much if you stuff up when putting it on. Another plus is it also goes with a lot of different colour lipsticks so it’s great to have that felxibilty  I could see it going with many light pink and nude colours. My only fault with this is it doesn’t last as long as other MAC lip liners I own (though it still lasts a pretty long time) but it isn’t a prolong wear one so this is to be expected.

Boldly bare lip liner 3

Rating: 9/10 

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

This lipstick is my favourite lipstick of all because the colours just seems to go with every makeup look I do. It is the most perfect nude and lasts ages on the lips (4-5 hours) I love how it is browny beige with a hint of rose. It makes your lips look so healthy and full! It has the most perfect finish and consistency, even though it is matte it looks glides on so nicely and feels quite creamy. Velevt Teddy is subtle with a hint of sexy and you will find yourself reaching for it all the time. I’d definitely recommend this as a colour to look out for if you really, really want a nice nude. You will not regret it.

Velvet teddy lipstick 2

Rating: 10/10

MAC Angel Lipstick

This lipstick is part of the forst range and is a beautiful, cool, baby pink. I find this colour so versatile, it goes with so many makeup looks. Though I usually lean towards MAC’s matte range I dont find this colour noticeably frosty, more just slightly pearlescent. It is vanilla scented and is probably one of the most moisturising MAC lipsticks I own. If you’re looking for something really versaitle but don’t want a nude colour then look no further! This is my second favourite lipstick I own apart from Velvet Teddy.

Angel lipstick 3

Rating: 10/10

MAC Posy Perfect Lip Liner

This Lip Liner is a beautiful, soft baby pink which I bought to go with my MAC Angel Lipstick. This is part of the pro long wear range and though I love the colour as it is really flattering, I find that it is very prone to breakage and its application is quite uneven and slightly chalky. It lasts a standard amount of time (a few hours) but as it is up there in price I expected it to apply more evenly and not break down as easily. Overall I still like using it, though it is not perfect as its name indicates haha.  It is described as “plum” but I would describe it as baby pink with a hint of mauve.

posy perfect lip liner 3

Rating: 7/10

MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner

This lip liner is very dark and bold so not for the faint hearted out there. It is a dark burgundy wine colour which is perfect for creating ombre lip looks. It can look quite goth when used on the entire lip so I tend to only use it for ombre looks and when experimenting with other colours. It is very vampy, long wearing and can be a bit drying if you use it on your entire lip.

Nightmoth lip liner 3

Rating: 8/10

Antipodes Boom Rock Bronze Lipstick

This is a really nice original colour and is like a reddy, brown which is unlike anything I own. It’s quite  90’s and very flattering. It is an understated bold and kind of reminds me of Ayers rock in Australia and wild coastal terrain. It makes lips look full and healthy and is a treat to put on. It is moisturizing with nutrient rich avocado oil in it but still quite matte looking with a hint of shine. It lasts quite long especially with lip liner put underneath. It’s enjoy wearing this on nights out to put an interesting twist on makeup looks. This is 100% organic.

Antipodes boom rock bronze 1

Rating: 8.5/ 10

Antipodes Dusky Sound Pink Lipstick

This lipsticks is like a classic, rosy pink that would suit people who like noticeable colours different to their normal lip colour which aren’t out there. This also has avocado oil in it, is 100% organic and is a treat to put on. This colour is neither bright nor light and is a medium, rosy pink. It glides on smoothly and has even application. I don’t really find myself reaching for it that much as I tend to go for nudes and light pinks more but it is a great day time lipstick as it isn’t drying at all and you don’t need to put a lip balm underneath it.

Antipodes dusky sound pink 1

Rating: 7.5/10

Lip Liner Swatches

swatches lip linerss

From Left: Estee Lauder Double Wear Mauve, Mac Boldly Bare, Mac Posy Perfect, Mac Nightmoth.

swatches lip sticks

From Left: Mac Angel, Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Kinda Sexy, Antipodes Boom Rock Bronze, Antipodes Dusky Sound Pink. 

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How To Turn Glossy Lipstick Matte And Make It Last Longer.

Hey guys.

So I have learnt this trick recently and was amazed at how well it worked. I don’t know if any of you have heard it before and I’m just really behind with the times but I will share it with you anyway as I certainly hadn’t.

This trick will turn glossy lipstick matte and make it last longer on your lips. It is really easy, all you have to do is put on your lipstick then dab on some baby powder over the top in the way you would a lipgloss then press your lips together so it sinks in. The baby powder absorbs the glossiness and sets the lipstick so it will not come off when you have a drink or after a short time. This is really good for those of you who maybe don’t have enough money to buy high end long lasting matte lipsticks and just want to make the lipsticks you already have last longer and look matte. If you love glossy lipstick but just want to make it last longer you can put baby powder over the top of your lipstick then some lip gloss. I am always on the hunt for tips and tricks like these which genuinely work and save money so if any of you have any good ones please post them below! 🙂





Wearing: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Sloane’s Plum.


8 Reasons Why Red Lipstick Will Always Be A Makeup Icon.

1. People can use it from a young age- There is something about makeup products that you are able to use as a little girl that make them stick in your mind for the rest of your life. Who doesn’t remember having their first go of their mums red lipstick and how exciting it was to see how different you looked?

2. It’s striking- There can be hundreds of women who walk past you in a day but you always remember the one with the red lips. 🙂

3. Stars of the silver and small screen have worn it for years- TV and movie stars have dazzled in red lipstick since film began. From Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind to Christina Hendricks in Mad Men, red lipstick is is stunning on screen. No-one can forget Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lips. They were even voted as the most iconic beauty trend of all time in the Daily Mail.

4. It transforms you in an instant- Has anyone noticed how even if you have done all of your makeup lipstick (but especially red lipstick) is always the item which seems to give you the most transformation? You can spend an hour doing a difficult eye makeup look and red lipstick will still make more of an impact in 2 seconds than any difficult makeup manoeuvre will.

5. It’s alluring- It always seems to give women that added charm and appeal.

6. It is a piece of art- Am I the only one that likes how the light shines off a shiny tube of red lipstick, it’s almost made to be shot on camera. Not only does it create art through the looks you make it IS art.

7. It is a symbol of strength- Lipstick was a symbol of resistance to the tough living situations that women faced during the great depression. Not only this but during World War 2 when men left for war and women entered factories to do ‘men’s work’, red lipstick become a symbol of femininity and resilience. During the women’s rights movement in New York women marched together and as part of their defiance and fight for the vote they all wore red lipstick. You can read more about how red lipstick is a symbol for strength here. 

8. It has a controversial history- Who would have thought lipstick could be controversial? Well red lipstick certainly was for centuries. At the end of the classical Greek period women were required to wear red lipstick to signify their low class and occupation. In the thirteenth century it was also used as a form of social segregation whereby low class women were required to wear red and upper class women wore pinks. After the ancient period the church of early medieval England even banned it, associating it with wicked and lustful women. By the sixteenth century it was all the rage among aristocratic men and women. If you want to read more about red lipsticks controversial past visit here. 

I was genuinely surprised when researching this article at some of the information I found out and I really enjoyed writing it. I said in another post how much I loved nude lipstick and it is still my favourite lipstick colour, but I just feel like red lipstick needed a write up as it is so iconic and universal among all makeup lovers.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Marilyn Monroe

Click here for the 10 reasons why I think nude lipstick is great.


How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger In 7 Easy Steps.

1. Exfoliate your lips. There are many lip exfoliators and scrubs however if you do not want to spend money you can simply mix sugar and honey together, rub back and forth on your lips for a minute and rinse. By exfoliating the lips you boost circulation which helps to make lips moist and plump.

2. Moisturise with any lip balm or lip gloss. Let this sit for a while so the lips can soak up the moisture.

3. Use a natural coloured lip liner all around and just outside the perimeter of your lips making sure you stick close to the lip line so it is not too noticeable.

4. Brush a very small amount of taupe or light brown eyebrow or eye shadow just below the middle section of your lower lip line. Make sure you brush lightly and try to use a small brush so it is not too noticeable. This will create the illusion of a darker shadow, making your lips look bigger.

5. Put on some nude or light coloured lipstick. Avoid dark colours that will make your lips look smaller (remember how with clothes black is a slimming colour? It is the same with makeup). Nudes and light pinks will make them look naturally bigger. Try to choose a shiny as opposed to a matte lipstick as light will reflect off the lips, giving the illusion of fullness.

6. Apply white eye pencil or white eye shadow and illuminator just above the middle part of your top lip line known as the cupid’s bow and blend lightly. This makes the lips look like they are brought forward, increasing the appearance of fullness.

7. Add a dab of lip gloss on top of your lips and you’re all done.





What I used:Face of Autsralia Mineral Therapy Illuminator, Face of Australia Eyebrow Shadow in the lightest colour, Essence Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Gloss, Face of Australia Lip Quench lipstick in Iced Almond, Savvy Nourishing Lip Liner in Natural, Designer Brands eye shadow brush, Essence Kajal eye pencil in White.


10 Reasons Why Nude Lipstick Is Great.

1. It’s versatile and understated. It can be worn anywhere, from a job interview to a party there isn’t any occasion nude lipstick isn’t appropriate for.

2. It draws attention to your eyes. The fact its understated means you can go big with your eye makeup without looking over done, your eyes become the central feature of the look.

3. It’s no biggie if it rubs off. No matter what you’re doing there’s a pretty good chance that at some point your lipstick will rub off, which is why nude lipstick is great. You can forget about it getting on your teeth or your clothes. It also won’t leave behind that uneven smudge of colour that a darker colour would.

4. It makes your lips look naturally bigger. Your lips will look naturally bigger because the colour is so understated. Using nude lip liner will help even more in creating that fuller look and it doesn’t matter when the lipstick rubs off because the lip liner left over won’t stand out too much.

5. It’s in style. So many celebrities are wearing nude lipstick from the Kardashian’s to Angelina Jolie it’s everywhere. It’s almost impossible to look at any red carpet event without seeing dozens of celebrities parading around a nude lip.

6. It looks sophisticated, effortless and chic. There’s just something about nude lipstick that just looks so effortless, like you just woke up and happened to look like this, yet you still look polished and ready to take on the world.

7. It suits all skin tones. There are a vast array of nude lipsticks out there and one to suit every skin tone and because it’s so understated it won’t make fair skinned people look paler in the same way a red colour would.

8. Everyone can pull it off. I haven’t seen one person who looks worse with a nude lipstick on.

9. It’s good for beginners. Never worn lipstick before and nervous about putting it on? Or just plain shy about wearing anything too bold and noticeable? Once again the nude is a good way to go as it’s so natural it’s no biggie if it’s applied a little wrong.

10. It goes with pretty much any makeup look and outfit. Nude lipstick won’t clash with anything and will complete your makeup look ensuring you look polished and sophisticated.

This isn’t to say other lipstick colours aren’t great. They all have their place, but there’s something about nude lipstick which is so conservative, elegant and chic that I just couldn’t help but write an article about it!

free nude lipstick image