Australis, Napoleon Perdis and IT Cosmetics Contour Kit Reviews.

So today I am going to review three contour kits- The Australis AC ON TOUR contour kit, IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face contour kit and Napoleon Perdics Ultimate Contour Palette.

Australis AC ON TOUR contour kit.

This contour kit is $16.95 from Priceline and is dubbed by some as a cheaper dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. Unfortunately for me I found it did not meet these expectations. I found some of the browns to be quite muddy and unflattering. As well as this the highlighters were not very pigmented and did not stay on for long. The furthest brown to the right, below the darkest pink highlighter is my favourite bronzer as it does not look quite as muddy as the rest. You definitely have to be careful when putting the product on the brush and to only use a very small amount as too much can end up looking far too dark.

contour kits australis closed palette

contour kits australis palette

contour kits australis swatch 2

Rating: 5/10

IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face contour kit.

This contour kit was around $55 from Sephora and I definitely do think it is good. The lady in store suggested it to me as a good palette for fair people so I thought it would be a suitable choice. The 2nd darkest bronzer is definitely my favourite as it is not too dark or light. I have used the darkest one but would suggest using it very sparsely as it is quite dark and a little product goes a long way. I think the darkest one is more suited to olive skin. The two lightest browns are very light and do not show up much on my skin I only really use them when I’ve accidentally put too much highlighter on and need to tone it down or help face it out. The ‘pearlescent’ highlighter to the right is my favourite as it gives a really flattering glow but the other one I don’t really find much use for and is more or less a translucent powder as it does not show up much on my skin. The colours I do like stay on the whole light and do have good pigmentation. Overall I like this contour kit but I am not in LOVE with it as I only use one of the browns and one highlighter really regularly. Still, I am happy I have it as part of my collection.

contour kits IT cosmetics closed palette

contour kits IT cosmetics opened palette with mirror

contour kits IT cosmetics opened palette 2

contour kits IT cosmetics swatch 2

Rating: 7.5/10

Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour Palette

While this contour kit is small it definitely is brilliant! This is my favourite contour palette and the highlighter is the best highlighter I have ever used by far. My friends also own it and say the same thing. It really gives you that perfect, subtle glow you want from a highlighter. It is also very build able to give a more glam, noticeable look as well. The bronzer is great and is good for both night and day makeup. The blush is lovely and is kind of this pink- peach, warm colour that it very flattering to many skin tones. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has fair- medium skin and though it is quite pricey at $65 it is definitely worth it. There is only three colours but I find that that is all you need and the size is GREAT for travelling and fitting in a small bag. My only issue is that I wish there was a bit more product in it. As you can see from the photos I have almost gone through it!

contour kits napoleon perdis closed palette

contour kits napoleon perdis opened palette 2

contour kits napoleon perdis swatch

Rating: 9.5/ 10

Megan X


General Beauty Advice, Hair

How To Do Swan Lake Inspired Hair And Makeup.

Hi guys. Today I decided to do a swan lake inspired hair and makeup look because I think the ballet is really elegant and timeless. I have always admired the work that goes in to creating the hair and makeup for the ballet. Here’s what it looks like:

1. Start by filling in brows by using small flicks of an eyebrow pencil in sparse regions of the brow or alternatively use an eyebrow shadow. Add some eye primer or eye concealer on the eye lid and below the brow so the eye shadow you are going to be using has something to stick to.
2. Apply a light pink eye shadow just below the brow and a dark purple eye shadow on the outer lid and middle and outer crease. 2nd step
3. Next put a pale purple shadow on the inner and middle lid and some black eye shadow on the outer crease and outer lid.
with black eye shadow
4. Line your top lids and create a wing by angling it towards the brow. The wing should be reasonably thick. You can do this by drawing to lines to create a triangle then filling it in.
5. Line your water line with nude or white eyeliner. Add some mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
Eye liner and mascara on.
6. To Create a more dramatic look you can add false eye lashes or you can just leave the eyes as is. You can also add white eyeshdaow on the inner part of the eye next to the nose.
Final step for eyes
7. Apply primer then foundation onto your face. Add some illuminator on the bridge of the nose, the tops of the cheek bone, around the eye and beneath the brow bone where the pink shadow is.
8. Brush some blush onto the apples of your cheek by smiling and putting it on the puffy parts of the cheeks. It would be best to use pink blush rather than a peach blush as pink is more reflective of the ballet.
9. Line the perimeter of lips with a pink lip liner. If you do not have this you can use nude lip liner instead as it will works almost as well. You can also put some white eye shadow or eye liner on the cupids bow to make lips look bigger and a thin line of light brown shadow just beneath the middle part of the bottom lip to create more of a shadow below the lip which will make them look bigger again.
10. Add some light pink lip stick or mix nude and pink lipstick together if you have none. Add a dab of lip gloss and your makeup is complete!
1. Brush hair back and secure it in a tight pony tail. Spray it with hairspray if needed and pin back any stray hairs.
2. Use a bun maker and start by rolling the end of the ponytail underneath, working through the entire ponytail until you get to the base of the head where you should secure it with bobby pins.

3. Wrap some pretty flowers either around the bun or stick them in the bun, using bobby pins to secure them if necessary. You could also use pretty white feathers or a bow.


What I used: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Loose Foundation, Revlon Beyond Natural Highlighter, Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable, Manicare Blush Brush, Designer Brands Eye Shadow Brush, Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liner, Models Prefer Magic Multi Purpose Pencil, Napoleon Perdis Pink Slip Lip Liner, Face of Australia Lip Quench Lipstick in Iced Almond, Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Candy, Face of Australia High Defintion Brow Kit, Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara, Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad in Swan Lake, Scunci Bun Maker, Red Cherry False Eye Lashes in DW.




Blush And Bronzer Reviews.

Hey guys!

I just bought the Napoleon Perdis Set Contour and Highlight Palette so I thought I would do a review of that as well as a mini review of the Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer and Natio Blush which I have owned for a while and really like.

Napoleon Perdis Highlight and Contour Palette: 6/10

The NP set Highlight and Contour Palette is from the NP set range which can be found in Myer, Target and stand alone NP set stores. NP set is a more affordable range from Napoleon Perdis which is cheaper than their high end, premium range which is available in their stores and Myer. Here’s what the palette looks like.

Napoleon contour kit opened

 NP set contour kit closed

The contour palette is very cute and I like that it comes with four colours to play with. It is however difficult to open and if you open it too fast the product dislodges and gets everywhere. This is a downside for me as when I am getting ready quickly I tend to be a bit rough with the products I use. For those that dont understand what I mean I’ve attached a photo below.

NP contour kit dislodged

In the photos on the website it looks like a pressed powder but is more of a loose powder when actually start to use it. This photo above is from only one use. The blush is too dark for me but quite easy to blend. The bronzer is very dark which is usual for contouring bronzers however I would say that it is till too dark for me and I have to use my brush very lightly when using it. I found myself needing to powder on some foundation over the top at times to lighten the colour up. The white highlighter you can barely notice but the pink highlighter ties the look together very well and perhaps the only colour that suited my skin tone. Overall I would say this is suited for medium skin not fair skin like myself. There is only one contour palette available in the entire NP set range so it obviously is not going to suit all skin tones. I wish I had swatched it before I bought it. I certainly still like the NP set range but would not purchase it again.

How the Bronzer looks:

Napoleon contour with more makeup

Wearing: Face of Australia Brow powder, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Candy, Savvy Noruishing Lip Liner in Bare, Revlon beyond Natural Highlighter, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Foundation, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and of course the NP set Highlight and Contour Palette.

Revlon PhotoReady Bronzed and Chic: 8.5/10



This Bronzer is great because it comes with four colours and you can switch different colours depending on the occassion or how tanned you are. The lightest colour is good for daytime and gives a suitable glow while the darkest colour is more dramatic and great for night time. I would say it would suit all fair to medium skin tones but definitely not suited to those with darker skin. I love this bronzer as it is easy to work with and you get a lot of product in it. I have owned it for a year, use it everyday and still have product left.

Natio Blush in Rosewood: 9/10



This Blush is Beautiful! At around $10 (AUD) I wasn’t expecting much but I was delighted at the results. It is so natural and gives a beautiful, rosey glow. I would recommend this for fair skin and it may suit medium skin but I would definitely try it before you buy it. There are many flattering shades in the range but this is my favourite by far. It is very compact and you could take it travelling. This also lasts for ages. I do find I have to dip the brush into the pan a couple more times than my other blushes but I don’t mind this as I tend to be heavy handed when I’m in a rush. I would definitely recommend this if you are after an affordable blush but are short on cash.

Thanks for reading. 🙂