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Neutrogena Skin Care Product Reviews.

Hey guys.

So today I thought I’d review some Neutrogena products I recently got. They are The Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover, Rapid 2-in-1 Cleanser/ Mask, Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen and Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray.

Neutrogene products

 1. Neutrogena Oil- Free Eye Make- Up Remover.

This is my all time favourite eye makeup remover as it doesn’t irritate my eyes and removes make up so easily. You don’t have to sit there scrubbing it off it comes off within 2 wipes. It is oil free so won’t make you break out and contains aloe and cucumber that soothes the skin. At around $8 AUD it lasts around 2 and a half months if you are removing eye make up every day.

Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover

Rating: 9/10

2. Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Cleanser/ Mask

This product is great because it can be used as both a face mask and cleanser depending on how long you leave it on for. It should be left on for 5 minutes if used as a face mask. I use it as a face mask once a week as I already have a different cleanser and find it keeps my skin more clearer and smoother than it was without it. It is very refreshing and you feel very invigorated once you put it on. It contains saciliyc acid and natural clay minerals to help control oil and smells sweet though I can’t put my finger on what it actually smells like- kind of like clay haha. I love the feeling of using it and at around $11 AUD it’s very good value especially if you use it once a week as a face mask as it will last you forever.

Neutrogena face mask

Rating: 7.5/10

3. Ultra Sheer face sunscreen

This sunscreen is 50+ so you can be sure it will give you the protection you need. What I also love about it is that it is oil-free won’t give you pimples. You don’t feel like you have put a tub of grease on your face after using it like some sunscreens haha. It can also be used as a primer underneath your makeup to make it last longer while also keeping you protected. It is described as having a water light texture which gives you a matte look so is great for matte lovers. I highly recommend this to anyone who finds that normal sunscreen causes them to break out. At around $14 AUD it is pricier than your average sunscreen but as you’ll only be using it on your face it will last ages.

 Neutrogena face sunscreen

Rating: 9.5/10

4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray

This sunscreen is actually clear upon applying which I found to be a really cool feature about it as this is unusual for sunscreen. It is not even a little bit greasy and it is really refreshing like spraying a cooling mist on yourself. It has a lovely weightless, clean feel and it is 30+ so isn’t the highest level of protection you can get but is still better than nothing. 🙂 It is 4 hours water resistant and won’t clog pores likes its face sunscreen counterpart. I love the feel of putting this on and how it is so easy to apply, spraying sunscreen is so much easier and quicker than wiping. It is $11 AUD and is an awesome product to add to your beach bag.

Neutrogena sunscreen body mist

Rating: 9/10

 Thank you for reading. 🙂

Megan. X


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My Favourite Moisturiser: Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream.

Hi Guys.

So I thought I would share with you my favourite moisturiser right now. It is called Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream. Antipodes is a New Zealand brand which uses 100% organic ingredients. Initially I was hesitant about using this as I have oily skin and was worried the nutrient rich ingredients would cause me to break out but I had nothing to worry about! It did not cause me to break out at all and if anything the blemishes on my skin cleared up more and my skin looked overall healthier. My fine lines were decreased and everything was more plumped and supple. The packaging is really nice and I love the black writing against the cream background. You definitely feel like you are treating yourself when you use it. The ingredients include avocado oil, manuka bloom and sweet almond and it smells almost good enough to eat. I would recommend this to anyone with oily/ sensitive skin and even people with dry skin though there are more richer moisturisers in their range for people with dry skin. This costs $49 AU and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with oily, sensitive skin who is worried about small, fine lines.

antipodes moisturiser

Rating: 9/10

Megan xx



Dewy And Matte Skin Explained.

If you’re like me you might get confused sometimes with some of the beauty terms out there. “Dewy” and “matte” are two terms I was constantly hearing about when I first got into beauty but which were not explained enough. Knowing this I decided to do a post which explains the difference between the two and what each means for your skin. How can you create a dewy or matte makeup look? Read on to find out…

Dewy skin

Dewy skin is glowy, youthful, soft, supple and fresh. It has a subtle, luminous shimmer and is usually associated with spring time and people like Miranda Kerr. People with dry skin are lucky in a sense because they get to use dewy foundations and other makeup products. Dewy makeup products usually come in cream or liquid form though there are some powder dewy products out there. People with oily skin should refrain from using dewy products as the moisture in these products can cause them to break out. This certainly won’t happen to every person who has oily skin and many people will be fine using dewy makeup but if you break out often and want to play it safe it is best not to use these. Instead you can use a powder foundation (mineral foundation is best) with an illuminator or highlighter. These will be your best friend for achieving that dewy, fresh look and can be used regardless of your skin type. It should be used along the top of the nose, around the eyes, on top of the cheekbones, beneath the brows and in the cupid’s bow (this is the part just above the top lip and between the nose- another term which is constantly thrown around in the beauty world). You can also use it across the forehead and around the chin for an even dewier look, though if you find shine gathers in these areas already it’s best not to. If you have dry skin and find that your liquid or cream foundation and illuminator is not enough you can use dewy primers and setting sprays as well.

miranda-kerr-2-h724 (1)

Matte skin

Matte skin is that flawless, polished, airbrushed, doll- like makeup look that you often see on the red carpet. Think Dita Von Teese and old school Hollywood movie stars. Matte skin is typically achieved with powdery makeup products. So if you have oily skin the best way to achieve a matte look is to use powdered makeup products with shine control properties in them along with a suitable skin care regime. There are also matte primers and setting sprays available if you want to mattify your skin further and find that your shine won’t go away. If you are prone to dry skin and want a matte look but still moisturizing properties with your makeup you can use an oil- free tinted moisturizer with a matte foundation powder on top as well as a matte setting spray. Under eye concealer will also help for both skin types in achieving that flawless, matte look.

Dita Von Teese at Cannes 2007 by Mireille Amphillac. CC by SA 2.0

Dita Von Teese at Cannes 2007 by Mireille Amphillac. CC License by 2.0

Which one do you like better, matte or dewy? comment below 🙂


The Liebster Award.

Hi guys.

The lovely Glitter and Gloss tagged me to do the Liebster award so I thought I would do it, here are my answers. 🙂

1. What is your favourite makeup look?

Bronze smokey eye with a nude lip.

2. What is your favourite skin care product?

Vaseline spray on moisturiser.

3. What is your favourite highlighter?

Nars Illuminator in Copacapana though I am yet to own it.

4. What is your favourite food?

I wish I could say something really unique and interesting but it’s burgers haha.

5. What is your favourite MAC product?

Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

6. What is your one beauty product you can’t live without?

Mascara, I wear it every day when I leave the house.

7. How often do you wear makeup?

Twice a week, I like to let my skin breath.

8. Who is your favourite youtube guru?

Chloe Morello.

9. If you were in Sephora right now what would you pick up?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

10. What is your favourite Foundation Brush?

BYS Foundation brush, I am not someone who believes in spending a lot on makeup brushes haha.

The bloggers who I tag to answer my questions are:

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My questions for you to answer are:

1. Which celebrities makeup do you admire the most and why?

2. What is your favourite makeup product?

3. What is your favourite eye makeup look?

4. Which celebrities hair style do you like the most and why?

5. Which clothing item are you wanting to buy right now and why?

6. What is your favourite lipstick?

7. What made you decide to start a blog?

8. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

9. If you could holiday anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

10. Which one do you like better, bronzer or blush?